The Anomaly

1h 37m

A former soldier is taken captive and awakens in the back of a van where he learns that he only has less than 10 minutes to figure out how he got there.


  • Image Alexis Knapp
    Alexis Knapp
  • Image Ali Cook
    Ali Cook
  • Image Alina Wazna
    Alina Wazna
  • Image Allistair McNab
    Allistair McNab
  • Image Andreas Matopoulos
    Andreas Matopoulos
  • Image Anthony Farrelly
    Anthony Farrelly
  • Image Art Parkinson
    Art Parkinson
  • Image Brian Cox
    Brian Cox
  • Image Buppha Witt
    Buppha Witt
  • Image Craig Russell
    Craig Russell
  • Image Eleanor Gecks
    Eleanor Gecks
  • Image Gordon Alexander
    Gordon Alexander
  • Image Ian Somerhalder
    Ian Somerhalder
  • Image Jamie Swayer
    Jamie Swayer
  • Image Jean-Paul Jesstiece
    Jean-Paul Jesstiece
  • Image Jozef Aoki
    Jozef Aoki
  • Image Kumud Pant
    Kumud Pant
  • Image Lee Charles
    Lee Charles
  • Image Leila Wong
    Leila Wong
  • Image Luke Hemsworth
    Luke Hemsworth
  • Image Lydia Piechowiak
    Lydia Piechowiak
  • Image Mathew Kaye
    Mathew Kaye
  • Image Michael Bisping
    Michael Bisping
  • Image Niall Greig Fulton
    Niall Greig Fulton
  • Image Nick Thomas-Webster
    Nick Thomas-Webster
  • Image Noel Clarke
    Noel Clarke
  • Image Olivia Chenery
    Olivia Chenery
  • Image Osy Ikhile
    Osy Ikhile
  • Image Paul Blackwell
    Paul Blackwell
  • Image Reuben Dabrow
    Reuben Dabrow
  • Image Shane Hart
    Shane Hart
  • Image Shane Nolan
    Shane Nolan
  • Image Siegfrid Calizo
    Siegfrid Calizo
  • Image Victoria Broom
    Victoria Broom
  • Image Victoria Ell-Beth
    Victoria Ell-Beth
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