The Atticus Institute

1h 32m

In the early 1970s, Dr. Henry West creates an institute to find people with supernatural abilities. When Judith Winstead comes to the facility, she exhibits amazing abilities that the military wants to turn into a weapon.


  • Image Anne Betancourt
    Anne Betancourt
  • Image Brian Chenoweth
    Brian Chenoweth
  • Image Erich Lane
    Erich Lane
  • Image Gage Maverik
    Gage Maverik
  • Image Gerald McCullouch
    Gerald McCullouch
  • Image Joe Guarneri
    Joe Guarneri
  • Image John Rubinstein
    John Rubinstein
  • Image Rya Kihlstedt
    Rya Kihlstedt
  • Image Sharon Maughan
    Sharon Maughan
  • Image Suzanne Jamieson
    Suzanne Jamieson
  • Image William Mapother
    William Mapother
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