The Bad Sleep Well

2h 30m

In this loose adaptation of "Hamlet," illegitimate son Kôichi Nishi climbs to a high position within a Japanese corporation and marries the crippled daughter of company vice president Iwabuchi. At the reception, the wedding cake is a replica of their corporate headquarters, but an aspect of the design reminds the party of the hushed-up death of Nishi's father. It is then that Nishi unleashes his plan to avenge his father's death.


  • Image Akemi Ueno
    Akemi Ueno
  • Image Atsuko Ichinomiya
    Atsuko Ichinomiya
  • Image Chishū Ryū
    Chishū Ryū
  • Image Gen Shimizu
    Gen Shimizu
  • Image Gorô Sakurai
    Gorô Sakurai
  • Image Hiromi Mineoka
    Hiromi Mineoka
  • Image Hisashi Yokomori
    Hisashi Yokomori
  • Image Ikio Sawamura
    Ikio Sawamura
  • Image Jun Kondô
    Jun Kondô
  • Image Kamatari Fujiwara
    Kamatari Fujiwara
  • Image Ken Mitsuda
    Ken Mitsuda
  • Image Kin Sugai
    Kin Sugai
  • Image Kô Nishimura
    Kô Nishimura
  • Image Kôji Mitsui
    Kôji Mitsui
  • Image Kôji Nanbara
    Kôji Nanbara
  • Image Kunie Tanaka
    Kunie Tanaka
  • Image Kyôko Kagawa
    Kyôko Kagawa
  • Image Kyôko Ozawa
    Kyôko Ozawa
  • Image Kyû Sazanka
    Kyû Sazanka
  • Image Masayuki Mori
    Masayuki Mori
  • Image Natsuko Kahara
    Natsuko Kahara
  • Image Nobuko Tashiro
    Nobuko Tashiro
  • Image Nobuo Nakamura
    Nobuo Nakamura
  • Image Ryôji Shimizu
    Ryôji Shimizu
  • Image Seiji Miyaguchi
    Seiji Miyaguchi
  • Image Shirô Tsuchiya
    Shirô Tsuchiya
  • Image Sôji Ubukata
    Sôji Ubukata
  • Image Someshô Matsumoto
    Someshô Matsumoto
  • Image Susumu Fujita
    Susumu Fujita
  • Image Takashi Shimura
    Takashi Shimura
  • Image Takeshi Katô
    Takeshi Katô
  • Image Tatsuya Mihashi
    Tatsuya Mihashi
  • Image Toshiko Higuchi
    Toshiko Higuchi
  • Image Toshirō Mifune
    Toshirō Mifune
  • Image Yoshifumi Tajima
    Yoshifumi Tajima
  • Image Yoshio Tsuchiya
    Yoshio Tsuchiya
  • Image Yutaka Sada
    Yutaka Sada
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