The Beat That My Heart Skipped

1h 47m

Like his father, Tom is a real estate agent who makes his money from dirty, and sometimes brutal, deals. But a chance encounter prompts him to take up the piano and become a concert pianist. He auditions with the help of a beautiful, young virtuoso pianist who cannot speak French - music is their only exchange. But pressures from the ugly world of his day job soon become more than he can handle...


  • Image Agnès Aubé
    Agnès Aubé
  • Image Alphonse Cemin
    Alphonse Cemin
  • Image Anton Yakovlev
    Anton Yakovlev
  • Image Aure Atika
    Aure Atika
  • Image David Birgé-Cotte
    David Birgé-Cotte
  • Image Denis Falgoux
    Denis Falgoux
  • Image Emmanuel Finkiel
    Emmanuel Finkiel
  • Image Emmanuelle Devos
    Emmanuelle Devos
  • Image Estelle Brattesani
    Estelle Brattesani
  • Image Etienne Dirand
    Etienne Dirand
  • Image Gilles Cohen
    Gilles Cohen
  • Image Jamal Djabou
    Jamal Djabou
  • Image Jian-Zhang
  • Image Jonathan Zaccaï
    Jonathan Zaccaï
  • Image Justine Le Pottier
    Justine Le Pottier
  • Image Linh Đan Phạm
    Linh Đan Phạm
  • Image Marianne Puech
    Marianne Puech
  • Image Mélanie Laurent
    Mélanie Laurent
  • Image Niels Arestrup
    Niels Arestrup
  • Image Omar Habib
    Omar Habib
  • Image Romain Duris
    Romain Duris
  • Image Sandy Whitelaw
    Sandy Whitelaw
  • Image Serge Onteniente
    Serge Onteniente
  • Image Vladislav Galard
    Vladislav Galard
  • Image Walter Shnorkell
    Walter Shnorkell
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