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Image The Bill

The Bill

25m, 45m

The daily lives of the men and women at Sun Hill Police Station as they fight crime on the streets of London. From bomb threats to armed robbery and drug raids to the routine demands of policing this ground-breaking series focuses as much on crime as it does on the personal lives of its characters.

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  • Image Abbie Hackworth
    Abbie Hackworth
  • Image Ali Bastian
    Ali Bastian
  • Image Andrea Mason
    Andrea Mason
  • Image Andrew Paul
    Andrew Paul
  • Image Ciarán Griffiths
    Ciarán Griffiths
  • Image Clare Foster
    Clare Foster
  • Image Daniel MacPherson
    Daniel MacPherson
  • Image Diane Parish
    Diane Parish
  • Image Eamonn Walker
    Eamonn Walker
  • Image Ged Simmons
    Ged Simmons
  • Image Jane Wall
    Jane Wall
  • Image John Salthouse
    John Salthouse
  • Image Kelly Lawrence
    Kelly Lawrence
  • Image Kim Tiddy
    Kim Tiddy
  • Image Laura Crossley
    Laura Crossley
  • Image Lisa Geoghan
    Lisa Geoghan
  • Image Louisa Lytton
    Louisa Lytton
  • Image Louise Harrison
    Louise Harrison
  • Image Melanie Gutteridge
    Melanie Gutteridge
  • Image Misha Crosby
    Misha Crosby
  • Image Natalie J. Robb
    Natalie J. Robb
  • Image Rae Baker
    Rae Baker
  • Image Samantha Robson
    Samantha Robson
  • Image Sarah Manners
    Sarah Manners
  • Image Scott Neal
    Scott Neal
  • Image Serena Gordon
    Serena Gordon
  • Image Simon Rouse
    Simon Rouse
  • Image Steven Hartley
    Steven Hartley
  • Image Tom Butcher
    Tom Butcher
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