The Brain

1h 55m

Arthur and Anatole are two little robbers. They want to rob money, money that will travel in a special train from Paris to Bruxelles. They don't know that other people have planned to do the same thing.


  • Image Arch Taylor
    Arch Taylor
  • Image Bourvil
  • Image César Torres
    César Torres
  • Image David Niven
    David Niven
  • Image Dominique Zardi
    Dominique Zardi
  • Image Eli Wallach
    Eli Wallach
  • Image Fernand Guiot
    Fernand Guiot
  • Image Gérard Hernandez
    Gérard Hernandez
  • Image Henri Attal
    Henri Attal
  • Image Henri Génès
    Henri Génès
  • Image Jacques Balutin
    Jacques Balutin
  • Image Jacques Ciron
    Jacques Ciron
  • Image Jean-Paul Belmondo
    Jean-Paul Belmondo
  • Image John Rico
    John Rico
  • Image Mario David
    Mario David
  • Image Max Montavon
    Max Montavon
  • Image Micha Bayard
    Micha Bayard
  • Image Patrick Préjean
    Patrick Préjean
  • Image Paul Mercey
    Paul Mercey
  • Image Pierre Tornade
    Pierre Tornade
  • Image Raoul Delfosse
    Raoul Delfosse
  • Image Raymond Gérôme
    Raymond Gérôme
  • Image Robert Dalban
    Robert Dalban
  • Image Roger Lumont
    Roger Lumont
  • Image Roland Monk
    Roland Monk
  • Image Silvia Monti
    Silvia Monti
  • Image Sophie Grimaldi
    Sophie Grimaldi
  • Image Tommy Duggan
    Tommy Duggan
  • Image Trevor A. Stephens
    Trevor A. Stephens
  • Image Yves Barsacq
    Yves Barsacq
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