The Children Act

1h 45m
  • The Children Act
  • 09-09-2017
  • Drama
  • Richard Eyre
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In the midst of a marital crisis, a High Court judge must decide if she should order a life-saving blood transfusion for a teen with cancer despite his family's refusal to accept medical treatment for religious reasons.


  • Image Andrew Havill
    Andrew Havill
  • Image Anthony Calf
    Anthony Calf
  • Image Ben Chaplin
    Ben Chaplin
  • Image Daniel Tuite
    Daniel Tuite
  • Image Des McAleer
    Des McAleer
  • Image Dominic Carter
    Dominic Carter
  • Image Eileen Walsh
    Eileen Walsh
  • Image Emma Thompson
    Emma Thompson
  • Image Fionn Whitehead
    Fionn Whitehead
  • Image Howard Ward
    Howard Ward
  • Image Jason Watkins
    Jason Watkins
  • Image Micah Balfour
    Micah Balfour
  • Image Michele Austin
    Michele Austin
  • Image Nicholas Jones
    Nicholas Jones
  • Image Nikki Amuka-Bird
    Nikki Amuka-Bird
  • Image Patrick Brennan
    Patrick Brennan
  • Image Paul Bigley
    Paul Bigley
  • Image Paul Jesson
    Paul Jesson
  • Image Rosie Cavaliero
    Rosie Cavaliero
  • Image Rupert Vansittart
    Rupert Vansittart
  • Image Stacha Hicks
    Stacha Hicks
  • Image Stanley Tucci
    Stanley Tucci
  • Image Ty Hurley
    Ty Hurley
  • Image Wendy Nottingham
    Wendy Nottingham
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