The Comeback Trail

1h 45m

Two movie producers who owe money to the mob, have to set up their aging movie star to kill themselves accidentally so they don't have to owe them back but they wind up getting more than they ever imagined.


  • Image Aighleann McKiernan
    Aighleann McKiernan
  • Image Alexander Alayon
    Alexander Alayon
  • Image Bill Luckett
    Bill Luckett
  • Image Blerim Destani
    Blerim Destani
  • Image Bob Knowlton
    Bob Knowlton
  • Image Chelsea Newman
    Chelsea Newman
  • Image Christina Ann Sweney
    Christina Ann Sweney
  • Image Dan Hanks
    Dan Hanks
  • Image David E. Ornston
    David E. Ornston
  • Image Desiree Geraldine
    Desiree Geraldine
  • Image Dobromir Mashukov
    Dobromir Mashukov
  • Image Dylan Flashner
    Dylan Flashner
  • Image Eddie Griffin
    Eddie Griffin
  • Image Ekaterina Baker
    Ekaterina Baker
  • Image Emile Hirsch
    Emile Hirsch
  • Image Emily Casazza
    Emily Casazza
  • Image Erik Sahlein
    Erik Sahlein
  • Image Frances Lee McCain
    Frances Lee McCain
  • Image Frank Renzulli
    Frank Renzulli
  • Image Garrison Cahill Griffith
    Garrison Cahill Griffith
  • Image J. Nathan Simmons
    J. Nathan Simmons
  • Image Jake Hunter
    Jake Hunter
  • Image Jermaine Washington
    Jermaine Washington
  • Image Joel Michaely
    Joel Michaely
  • Image Josefine Lindegaard
    Josefine Lindegaard
  • Image Julie Lott
    Julie Lott
  • Image Kate Katzman
    Kate Katzman
  • Image Kyron Bonner
    Kyron Bonner
  • Image Leonard Waldner
    Leonard Waldner
  • Image Leroy Morgan
    Leroy Morgan
  • Image Leslie Stratton
    Leslie Stratton
  • Image Malcolm Barrett
    Malcolm Barrett
  • Image Melissa Greenspan
    Melissa Greenspan
  • Image Michelle Maylene
    Michelle Maylene
  • Image Morgan Freeman
    Morgan Freeman
  • Image Morse Bicknell
    Morse Bicknell
  • Image Natalie Burn
    Natalie Burn
  • Image Nick Vallelonga
    Nick Vallelonga
  • Image Patrick Muldoon
    Patrick Muldoon
  • Image Paul Witten
    Paul Witten
  • Image Ray Bouderau
    Ray Bouderau
  • Image Robert De Niro
    Robert De Niro
  • Image Stephen Krahel
    Stephen Krahel
  • Image Tommy Lee Jones
    Tommy Lee Jones
  • Image Vincent Spano
    Vincent Spano
  • Image Vito Di Donato
    Vito Di Donato
  • Image Zach Braff
    Zach Braff
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