The Eye

1h 38m

A blind concert violinist gets a cornea transplant allowing her to see again. However, she gets more than she bargained for when she realizes her new eye can see ghosts. She sets out to find the origins of the cornea and discover the fate of its former host . . .


  • Image Angelica Lee
    Angelica Lee
  • Image Ben Yuen
    Ben Yuen
  • Image Busarn Thongtiw
    Busarn Thongtiw
  • Image Candy Lo
    Candy Lo
  • Image Chim Pui-Ho
    Chim Pui-Ho
  • Image Chin Wing-Wai
    Chin Wing-Wai
  • Image Chutcha Rujinanon
    Chutcha Rujinanon
  • Image Cub Chin Kong-Hon
    Cub Chin Kong-Hon
  • Image Dampongongtrakul Sawadee
    Dampongongtrakul Sawadee
  • Image Damrongwiseeatpanich
  • Image Edmund Chen
    Edmund Chen
  • Image Florence Wu
    Florence Wu
  • Image Hing Kim Lee
    Hing Kim Lee
  • Image Kanta Aeamsamang
    Kanta Aeamsamang
  • Image King Man Ip
    King Man Ip
  • Image Lawrence Chou
    Lawrence Chou
  • Image Ming Poon
    Ming Poon
  • Image Mylio Lau
    Mylio Lau
  • Image Narongsak Junjiamrat
    Narongsak Junjiamrat
  • Image Nittaya Suthornrat
    Nittaya Suthornrat
  • Image Nonlaporn Sombatruksasuk
    Nonlaporn Sombatruksasuk
  • Image Ousinthorn Chotphan
    Ousinthorn Chotphan
  • Image Panpimol Jeamsakol
    Panpimol Jeamsakol
  • Image Pierre Png
    Pierre Png
  • Image Pornchai Hongrattanaporn
    Pornchai Hongrattanaporn
  • Image Si Won Ho
    Si Won Ho
  • Image Somchai Leelanukul
    Somchai Leelanukul
  • Image Sopol Duriensuk
    Sopol Duriensuk
  • Image Sue Yuen Wang
    Sue Yuen Wang
  • Image Sungwen Cummee
    Sungwen Cummee
  • Image Tao Leung
    Tao Leung
  • Image Tassanana Nuntasapee
    Tassanana Nuntasapee
  • Image Tian Nan Wu
    Tian Nan Wu
  • Image Vuanna Mahachanok
    Vuanna Mahachanok
  • Image Wai-Ho Yung
    Wai-Ho Yung
  • Image Wasarat Thrasarchoti
    Wasarat Thrasarchoti
  • Image Wirasinee Kuntipan
    Wirasinee Kuntipan
  • Image Wisarup Annuar
    Wisarup Annuar
  • Image Yin Ping Ko
    Yin Ping Ko
  • Image Yuet Siu Wong
    Yuet Siu Wong
  • Image Yuk Ha Lau
    Yuk Ha Lau
  • Image Yut Lai So
    Yut Lai So
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