The First Supper

2h 7m
  • 最初の晩餐
  • 01-11-2019
  • Family
  • Shiro Tokiwa
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Rintaro (Sometani Shota) returns home for the first time in a while to prepare for and attend his father's funeral. He and his sister are surprised to find that their mother has canceled the catering order, and instead will be making the food herself in accordance with her late husband's will. The first dish she brings out is simply sunny side up eggs, and the attendees are at a loss. Rintaro recalls that this was the first meal his father had cooked for him and his sister.


  • Image Daikichi Sugawara
    Daikichi Sugawara
  • Image Erika Toda
    Erika Toda
  • Image Junya Maki
    Junya Maki
  • Image Masatoshi Nagase
    Masatoshi Nagase
  • Image Nana Mori
    Nana Mori
  • Image Narushi Ikeda
    Narushi Ikeda
  • Image Raiku
  • Image Shinsuke Kato
    Shinsuke Kato
  • Image Shota Sometani
    Shota Sometani
  • Image Yosuke Kubozuka
    Yosuke Kubozuka
  • Image Yuki Saito
    Yuki Saito
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