The Flight of the Phoenix

2h 22m
  • The Flight of the Phoenix
  • 15-12-1965
  • Adventure
  • Robert Aldrich
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A cargo aircraft crashes in a sandstorm in the Sahara with less than a dozen men on board. One of the passengers is an airplane designer who comes up with the idea of ripping off the undamaged wing and using it as the basis for a replacement aircraft they will build to escape before their food and water run out.


  • Image Alex Montoya
    Alex Montoya
  • Image Christian Marquand
    Christian Marquand
  • Image Dan Duryea
    Dan Duryea
  • Image Ernest Borgnine
    Ernest Borgnine
  • Image Gabriele Tinti
    Gabriele Tinti
  • Image George Kennedy
    George Kennedy
  • Image Hardy Krüger
    Hardy Krüger
  • Image Ian Bannen
    Ian Bannen
  • Image James Stewart
    James Stewart
  • Image Peter Bravos
    Peter Bravos
  • Image Peter Finch
    Peter Finch
  • Image Richard Attenborough
    Richard Attenborough
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    Ronald Fraser
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