The Funeral

1h 35m

The story concerns the funeral of one of three brothers in a family of gangsters that lived in New York in 1930s. Details of the past of the brothers and their families are shown through a series of flashbacks.


  • Image Amber Smith
    Amber Smith
  • Image Annabella Sciorra
    Annabella Sciorra
  • Image Benicio del Toro
    Benicio del Toro
  • Image Chris Penn
    Chris Penn
  • Image Christopher Walken
    Christopher Walken
  • Image Dmitri Prachenko
    Dmitri Prachenko
  • Image Gian DiDonna
    Gian DiDonna
  • Image Gregory Perrelli
    Gregory Perrelli
  • Image Gretchen Mol
    Gretchen Mol
  • Image Isabella Rossellini
    Isabella Rossellini
  • Image Joey Hannon
    Joey Hannon
  • Image John Ventimiglia
    John Ventimiglia
  • Image Lance Guecia
    Lance Guecia
  • Image Patrick McGaw
    Patrick McGaw
  • Image Paul Hipp
    Paul Hipp
  • Image Paul Perri
    Paul Perri
  • Image Robert W. Castle
    Robert W. Castle
  • Image Victor Argo
    Victor Argo
  • Image Vincent Gallo
    Vincent Gallo
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