The Game Plan

1h 50m

Bachelor football star Joe Kingman seems to have it all. He is wealthy and carefree, and his team is on the way to capturing a championship. Suddenly, he is tackled by some unexpected news: He has a young daughter, the result of a last fling with his ex-wife. Joe must learn to balance his personal and professional lives with the needs of his child.


  • Image Armen Garo
    Armen Garo
  • Image Boomer Esiason
    Boomer Esiason
  • Image Brian Hayes Currie
    Brian Hayes Currie
  • Image Brian J. White
    Brian J. White
  • Image Brianne Crough
    Brianne Crough
  • Image Chip Namias
    Chip Namias
  • Image Christine Lakin
    Christine Lakin
  • Image Debbie Connolly
    Debbie Connolly
  • Image Donald L. Banks
    Donald L. Banks
  • Image Dwayne Johnson
    Dwayne Johnson
  • Image Ed Berliner
    Ed Berliner
  • Image Eddie George
    Eddie George
  • Image Elizabeth Chambers
    Elizabeth Chambers
  • Image Eric Ogbogu
    Eric Ogbogu
  • Image Fiona Gallagher
    Fiona Gallagher
  • Image Gary Myers
    Gary Myers
  • Image Gavin Maloof
    Gavin Maloof
  • Image Gordon Clapp
    Gordon Clapp
  • Image Hayes MacArthur
    Hayes MacArthur
  • Image Jackie Flynn
    Jackie Flynn
  • Image Jamal Duff
    Jamal Duff
  • Image Jay Giannone
    Jay Giannone
  • Image Jay Glazer
    Jay Glazer
  • Image Jim Gray
    Jim Gray
  • Image Jo Jo White
    Jo Jo White
  • Image Joe Maloof
    Joe Maloof
  • Image John Clayton
    John Clayton
  • Image John Duff
    John Duff
  • Image John McClain
    John McClain
  • Image Jon Saraceno
    Jon Saraceno
  • Image Kate Nauta
    Kate Nauta
  • Image Kathryn Fiore
    Kathryn Fiore
  • Image Kim Selby
    Kim Selby
  • Image Kyra Sedgwick
    Kyra Sedgwick
  • Image Lauren Storm
    Lauren Storm
  • Image Lordan Napoli
    Lordan Napoli
  • Image Madison Pettis
    Madison Pettis
  • Image Marv Albert
    Marv Albert
  • Image Mike Eruzione
    Mike Eruzione
  • Image Morris Chestnut
    Morris Chestnut
  • Image Paige Turco
    Paige Turco
  • Image Rachel Harker
    Rachel Harker
  • Image Robert Torti
    Robert Torti
  • Image Roger Dillingham Jr.
    Roger Dillingham Jr.
  • Image Ron Borges
    Ron Borges
  • Image Ronald Boone
    Ronald Boone
  • Image Roselyn Sánchez
    Roselyn Sánchez
  • Image Scott Desano
    Scott Desano
  • Image Sebastian Telfair
    Sebastian Telfair
  • Image Steve Levy
    Steve Levy
  • Image Steve Serby
    Steve Serby
  • Image Stuart Scott
    Stuart Scott
  • Image T.J. Simers
    T.J. Simers
  • Image Thomas Conroy
    Thomas Conroy
  • Image Tony Renaud
    Tony Renaud
  • Image Tubbs
  • Image Wally Szczerbiak
    Wally Szczerbiak
  • Image Yvonne Finnerty
    Yvonne Finnerty
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