The Guide to the Perfect Family

1h 42m
  • Le guide de la famille parfaite
  • 14-07-2021
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Ricardo Trogi
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A couple in Québec deals with the pitfalls, pressure and high expectations of raising kids in a society obsessed with success and social media image.


  • Image Alexandre Goyette
    Alexandre Goyette
  • Image Alexandrine Agostini
    Alexandrine Agostini
  • Image Bianca Bellange
    Bianca Bellange
  • Image Catherine Chabot
    Catherine Chabot
  • Image Émilie Bierre
    Émilie Bierre
  • Image Fayçal Azzouz
    Fayçal Azzouz
  • Image Frank Marrs
    Frank Marrs
  • Image Gilles Renaud
    Gilles Renaud
  • Image Holden Wong
    Holden Wong
  • Image Isabelle Guérard
    Isabelle Guérard
  • Image Jean-Carl Boucher
    Jean-Carl Boucher
  • Image Louis Morissette
    Louis Morissette
  • Image Louise Portal
    Louise Portal
  • Image Stéphane Breton
    Stéphane Breton
  • Image Thomas Vallières
    Thomas Vallières
  • Image Xavier Lebel
    Xavier Lebel
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