The Happytime Murders

1h 31m

In a world where human beings and puppets live together, when the members of the cast of a children's television show aired during the 1990s begin to get murdered one by one, puppet Phil Philips, a former LAPD detective who fell in disgrace and turned into a private eye, takes on the case at the request of his old boss in order to assist detective Edwards, who was his partner in the past.


  • Image Alice Dinnean
    Alice Dinnean
  • Image Allan Trautman
    Allan Trautman
  • Image Barry Rothbart
    Barry Rothbart
  • Image Ben Falcone
    Ben Falcone
  • Image Benjamin Royer
    Benjamin Royer
  • Image Bill Barretta
    Bill Barretta
  • Image Brekkan Spens
    Brekkan Spens
  • Image Brett Wagner
    Brett Wagner
  • Image Brian Henson
    Brian Henson
  • Image Brian Palermo
    Brian Palermo
  • Image Colleen Smith
    Colleen Smith
  • Image Cynthy Wu
    Cynthy Wu
  • Image Damon Jones
    Damon Jones
  • Image Dennis Keiffer
    Dennis Keiffer
  • Image Donna Kimball
    Donna Kimball
  • Image Dorien Davies
    Dorien Davies
  • Image Drew Massey
    Drew Massey
  • Image Elizabeth Banks
    Elizabeth Banks
  • Image Fortune Feimster
    Fortune Feimster
  • Image Hemky Madera
    Hemky Madera
  • Image Jaye Razor
    Jaye Razor
  • Image Jim Palmer
    Jim Palmer
  • Image Jimmy O. Yang
    Jimmy O. Yang
  • Image Joel McHale
    Joel McHale
  • Image Kevin Clash
    Kevin Clash
  • Image Leslie David Baker
    Leslie David Baker
  • Image Maya Rudolph
    Maya Rudolph
  • Image Melissa McCarthy
    Melissa McCarthy
  • Image Michael Croner
    Michael Croner
  • Image Michael McDonald
    Michael McDonald
  • Image Mitch Silpa
    Mitch Silpa
  • Image Patty Guggenheim
    Patty Guggenheim
  • Image Ryan Gaul
    Ryan Gaul
  • Image Ryan Tran
    Ryan Tran
  • Image Steve Mallory
    Steve Mallory
  • Image Ted Michaels
    Ted Michaels
  • Image Victor Yerrid
    Victor Yerrid
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