The Heroes of Telemark

2h 11m

Set in German-occupied Norway, resistance fighter Knut Straud enlists the reluctant physicist Rolf Pedersen in an effort to destroy the German heavy water production plant in rural Telemark.


  • Image Alan Howard
    Alan Howard
  • Image Annette Andre
    Annette Andre
  • Image Anton Diffring
    Anton Diffring
  • Image Barry Jones
    Barry Jones
  • Image Brook Williams
    Brook Williams
  • Image David Davies
    David Davies
  • Image David Weston
    David Weston
  • Image Elvi Hale
    Elvi Hale
  • Image Eric Porter
    Eric Porter
  • Image Faith Brook
    Faith Brook
  • Image Geoffrey Keen
    Geoffrey Keen
  • Image George Murcell
    George Murcell
  • Image Gerard Heinz
    Gerard Heinz
  • Image Jan Conrad
    Jan Conrad
  • Image Jennifer Hilary
    Jennifer Hilary
  • Image John Golightly
    John Golightly
  • Image Karel Stepanek
    Karel Stepanek
  • Image Kirk Douglas
    Kirk Douglas
  • Image Maurice Denham
    Maurice Denham
  • Image Mervyn Johns
    Mervyn Johns
  • Image Michael Redgrave
    Michael Redgrave
  • Image Patrick Jordan
    Patrick Jordan
  • Image Philo Hauser
    Philo Hauser
  • Image Ralph Michael
    Ralph Michael
  • Image Richard Harris
    Richard Harris
  • Image Robert Ayres
    Robert Ayres
  • Image Roy Dotrice
    Roy Dotrice
  • Image Russell Waters
    Russell Waters
  • Image Sebastian Breaks
    Sebastian Breaks
  • Image Ulla Jacobsson
    Ulla Jacobsson
  • Image Victor Beaumont
    Victor Beaumont
  • Image William Marlowe
    William Marlowe
  • Image Wolf Frees
    Wolf Frees
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