The Horde

1h 38m

A bunch of crooked cops raid a ruined building located in an impoverished suburb of Paris, determined to furiously avenge the death of one of them, murdered by the ruthless criminal gang hidden on top of the dark labyrinth that will become a deathly trap when the living, unexpectedly turned into the undead by a mysterious plague, begin to devour the world.


  • Image Adam Pengsawang
    Adam Pengsawang
  • Image Alain Figlarz
    Alain Figlarz
  • Image Ali Karamoko
    Ali Karamoko
  • Image Antoine Oppenheim
    Antoine Oppenheim
  • Image Aurélien Recoing
    Aurélien Recoing
  • Image Claude Perron
    Claude Perron
  • Image Doudou Masta
    Doudou Masta
  • Image Eriq Ebouaney
    Eriq Ebouaney
  • Image Jean-Pierre Martins
    Jean-Pierre Martins
  • Image Jo Prestia
    Jo Prestia
  • Image Laurent Demianoff
    Laurent Demianoff
  • Image Laurent Segall
    Laurent Segall
  • Image Marie Vincent
    Marie Vincent
  • Image Maud Heywang
    Maud Heywang
  • Image Mohamed Kerriche
    Mohamed Kerriche
  • Image Sébastien Peres
    Sébastien Peres
  • Image Stéphane Orsolani
    Stéphane Orsolani
  • Image Yves Pignot
    Yves Pignot
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