The Hound of the Baskervilles

1h 20m

On his uncle's death Sir Henry Baskerville returns from Canada to take charge of his ancestral hall on the desolate moors of Devonshire, and finds that Sherlock Holmes is there to investigate the local belief that his uncle was killed by a monster hound that has roamed the moors since 1650, and is likely to strike again at Sir Henry.


  • Image Barlowe Borland
    Barlowe Borland
  • Image Basil Rathbone
    Basil Rathbone
  • Image Beryl Mercer
    Beryl Mercer
  • Image Brandon Beach
    Brandon Beach
  • Image David Thursby
    David Thursby
  • Image E. E. Clive
    E. E. Clive
  • Image Eily Malyon
    Eily Malyon
  • Image Frank McLure
    Frank McLure
  • Image Ian Maclaren
    Ian Maclaren
  • Image Jack Egger
    Jack Egger
  • Image John Carradine
    John Carradine
  • Image John Graham Spacey
    John Graham Spacey
  • Image Kenneth Hunter
    Kenneth Hunter
  • Image Leonard Carey
    Leonard Carey
  • Image Lionel Atwill
    Lionel Atwill
  • Image Lionel Pape
    Lionel Pape
  • Image Mary Gordon
    Mary Gordon
  • Image Mary Young
    Mary Young
  • Image Morton Lowry
    Morton Lowry
  • Image Nigel Bruce
    Nigel Bruce
  • Image Nigel De Brulier
    Nigel De Brulier
  • Image Peter Willes
    Peter Willes
  • Image Ralph Forbes
    Ralph Forbes
  • Image Richard Greene
    Richard Greene
  • Image Rita Page
    Rita Page
  • Image Ruth Terry
    Ruth Terry
  • Image Vesey O'Davoren
    Vesey O'Davoren
  • Image Wendy Barrie
    Wendy Barrie
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