The Hunter’s Prayer

1h 31m

An assassin forges an unlikely partnership with one of his targets: a woman seeking revenge for the murder of her family.


  • Image Aidan Rawnsley
    Aidan Rawnsley
  • Image Alice Maguire
    Alice Maguire
  • Image Allen Leech
    Allen Leech
  • Image Amy Landecker
    Amy Landecker
  • Image András Csonka
    András Csonka
  • Image Bill Blackwood
    Bill Blackwood
  • Image Claudia Trujillo
    Claudia Trujillo
  • Image Colin Parry
    Colin Parry
  • Image Dean S. Jagger
    Dean S. Jagger
  • Image Deborah Parrington
    Deborah Parrington
  • Image Dylan Miles-Davis
    Dylan Miles-Davis
  • Image Eben Young
    Eben Young
  • Image Elena Sanz
    Elena Sanz
  • Image Eudald Font
    Eudald Font
  • Image Gary Dunnington
    Gary Dunnington
  • Image Graham Paige
    Graham Paige
  • Image Graham Parrington
    Graham Parrington
  • Image Harry Knight
    Harry Knight
  • Image Ian White
    Ian White
  • Image James Costas
    James Costas
  • Image Julian Kay
    Julian Kay
  • Image Kate Dobson
    Kate Dobson
  • Image Katia Bokor
    Katia Bokor
  • Image Laura Yates
    Laura Yates
  • Image Luca Fiorilli
    Luca Fiorilli
  • Image Lucy Jackson
    Lucy Jackson
  • Image Maria Lee Metheringham
    Maria Lee Metheringham
  • Image Martin Compston
    Martin Compston
  • Image Martin Gledhill
    Martin Gledhill
  • Image Masi Olivia
    Masi Olivia
  • Image Mateo Rufino
    Mateo Rufino
  • Image Matt Townsend
    Matt Townsend
  • Image Michael Hindley
    Michael Hindley
  • Image Neil B. Carter
    Neil B. Carter
  • Image Odeya Rush
    Odeya Rush
  • Image Pat Carney
    Pat Carney
  • Image Paul Sadot
    Paul Sadot
  • Image Pete Szoradi
    Pete Szoradi
  • Image Philip Gascoyne
    Philip Gascoyne
  • Image Rachel Caffrey
    Rachel Caffrey
  • Image Richard Douglas
    Richard Douglas
  • Image Richard Price
    Richard Price
  • Image Rory Mulroe
    Rory Mulroe
  • Image Sam Cullingworth
    Sam Cullingworth
  • Image Sam Worthington
    Sam Worthington
  • Image Samantha Hindman
    Samantha Hindman
  • Image Sameera Eligeti
    Sameera Eligeti
  • Image Sean Lyons
    Sean Lyons
  • Image Shayne Elsa Drummond
    Shayne Elsa Drummond
  • Image Stephanie Dooley
    Stephanie Dooley
  • Image Stewart Alexander
    Stewart Alexander
  • Image Striker John
    Striker John
  • Image Tina Maskell
    Tina Maskell
  • Image Verónica Echegui
    Verónica Echegui
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