Image The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace

The Idaten Deities Know Only Peace


It has been 800 years since the incredibly fast and powerful gods of battle known as the Idaten had sealed away the demons after an intense battle. Now, that battle is just considered a myth or a fairytale. While the current generation of Idaten who have never even had to fight are enjoying their peaceful lives, someone awakened the demons once again! Armed forces, ingenuity, politics, and intrigue. If you've got it, use everything you can! This three-way battle royale with no rules and no limits is about to begin!!

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  • Image Akemi Okamura
    Akemi Okamura
  • Image Akira Ishida
    Akira Ishida
  • Image Asami Seto
    Asami Seto
  • Image Chō
  • Image Mariya Ise
    Mariya Ise
  • Image Masuo Amada
    Masuo Amada
  • Image Megumi Ogata
    Megumi Ogata
  • Image Mitsuru Miyamoto
    Mitsuru Miyamoto
  • Image Romi Park
    Romi Park
  • Image Shizuka Ishigami
    Shizuka Ishigami
  • Image Shizuka Itoh
    Shizuka Itoh
  • Image Sumire Uesaka
    Sumire Uesaka
  • Image Yoko Honna
    Yoko Honna
  • Image Yui Horie
    Yui Horie
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