The Karate Kid

2h 6m

Hassled by the school bullies, Daniel LaRusso has his share of adolescent woes. Luckily, his apartment building houses a resident martial arts master: Kesuke Miyagi, who agrees to train Daniel ... and ends up teaching him much more than self-defense. Armed with newfound confidence, skill and wisdom, Daniel ultimately faces off against his tormentors in this hugely popular classic underdog tale.


  • Image Andrew Shue
    Andrew Shue
  • Image Bernie Kuby
    Bernie Kuby
  • Image Brian Davis
    Brian Davis
  • Image Bruce Malmuth
    Bruce Malmuth
  • Image Chad McQueen
    Chad McQueen
  • Image Charles Gallant
    Charles Gallant
  • Image Chris Casamassa
    Chris Casamassa
  • Image Christopher Kriesa
    Christopher Kriesa
  • Image Clarence McGee Jr.
    Clarence McGee Jr.
  • Image Dana Andersen
    Dana Andersen
  • Image Darryl Vidal
    Darryl Vidal
  • Image David Abbott
    David Abbott
  • Image David De Lange
    David De Lange
  • Image David LeBell
    David LeBell
  • Image Donald DeNoyer
    Donald DeNoyer
  • Image Duff Tallahassee
    Duff Tallahassee
  • Image Elisabeth Shue
    Elisabeth Shue
  • Image Erik Felix
    Erik Felix
  • Image Frances Bay
    Frances Bay
  • Image Frank Burt Avalon
    Frank Burt Avalon
  • Image Freeman Love
    Freeman Love
  • Image Helen Siff
    Helen Siff
  • Image Israel Juarbe
    Israel Juarbe
  • Image Jeff Fishman
    Jeff Fishman
  • Image Joan Lemmo
    Joan Lemmo
  • Image Juli Fields
    Juli Fields
  • Image Katheryn Gallant
    Katheryn Gallant
  • Image Kelly Gallant
    Kelly Gallant
  • Image Ken Daly
    Ken Daly
  • Image Larry B. Scott
    Larry B. Scott
  • Image Larry Drake
    Larry Drake
  • Image Martin Kove
    Martin Kove
  • Image Milanka Stevens
    Milanka Stevens
  • Image Molly Basler
    Molly Basler
  • Image Monty O'Grady
    Monty O'Grady
  • Image Nick Stevens
    Nick Stevens
  • Image Pat E. Johnson
    Pat E. Johnson
  • Image Pat Morita
    Pat Morita
  • Image Peter Jason
    Peter Jason
  • Image Ralph Macchio
    Ralph Macchio
  • Image Randee Heller
    Randee Heller
  • Image Richard Patrick
    Richard Patrick
  • Image Rob Garrison
    Rob Garrison
  • Image Robert Strong
    Robert Strong
  • Image Ron Thomas
    Ron Thomas
  • Image Sam Scarber
    Sam Scarber
  • Image Scott Strader
    Scott Strader
  • Image Sharon Spelman
    Sharon Spelman
  • Image Todd Lookinland
    Todd Lookinland
  • Image Tom Fridley
    Tom Fridley
  • Image Tom Levy
    Tom Levy
  • Image Tony O'Dell
    Tony O'Dell
  • Image William Bassett
    William Bassett
  • Image William Norren
    William Norren
  • Image William Zabka
    William Zabka
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