The Kid

1h 44m

Powerful businessman Russ Duritz is self-absorbed and immersed in his work. But by the magic of the moon, he meets Rusty, a chubby, charming 8-year-old version of himself who can't believe he could turn out so badly -- with no life and no dog. With Rusty's help, Russ is able to reconcile the person he used to dream of being with the man he's actually become.


  • Image Alexandra Barreto
    Alexandra Barreto
  • Image Brian Fenwick
    Brian Fenwick
  • Image Brian McGregor
    Brian McGregor
  • Image Brian McLaughlin
    Brian McLaughlin
  • Image Brian Tibbetts
    Brian Tibbetts
  • Image Bruce Willis
    Bruce Willis
  • Image Chi McBride
    Chi McBride
  • Image Dana Ivey
    Dana Ivey
  • Image Daniel von Bargen
    Daniel von Bargen
  • Image Darrell Foster
    Darrell Foster
  • Image Daryl Anderson
    Daryl Anderson
  • Image David C. Fisher
    David C. Fisher
  • Image Dayna Price
    Dayna Price
  • Image Deborah May
    Deborah May
  • Image Duke Faeger
    Duke Faeger
  • Image E.J. Callahan
    E.J. Callahan
  • Image Elizabeth Arlen
    Elizabeth Arlen
  • Image Emily Mortimer
    Emily Mortimer
  • Image Esther Scott
    Esther Scott
  • Image Gary Weeks
    Gary Weeks
  • Image Harold Greene
    Harold Greene
  • Image Jan Hoag
    Jan Hoag
  • Image Jean Smart
    Jean Smart
  • Image Jeri Ryan
    Jeri Ryan
  • Image John Apicella
    John Apicella
  • Image John Travis
    John Travis
  • Image Joshua Finkel
    Joshua Finkel
  • Image Juanita Moore
    Juanita Moore
  • Image Julia Waters
    Julia Waters
  • Image Kelly Nish
    Kelly Nish
  • Image Kevon Edmonds
    Kevon Edmonds
  • Image Larry King
    Larry King
  • Image Lily Tomlin
    Lily Tomlin
  • Image Lou Beatty Jr.
    Lou Beatty Jr.
  • Image Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi
    Luigi Francis Shorty Rossi
  • Image Marc Copage
    Marc Copage
  • Image Matthew Perry
    Matthew Perry
  • Image Maxine Waters Willard
    Maxine Waters Willard
  • Image Melissa McCarthy
    Melissa McCarthy
  • Image Michael Wajacs
    Michael Wajacs
  • Image Molly Marlette
    Molly Marlette
  • Image Nick Chinlund
    Nick Chinlund
  • Image Paul Moncrief
    Paul Moncrief
  • Image Reiley McClendon
    Reiley McClendon
  • Image Rich Eisen
    Rich Eisen
  • Image Rod McLachlan
    Rod McLachlan
  • Image Scott Mosenson
    Scott Mosenson
  • Image Spencer Breslin
    Spencer Breslin
  • Image Stanley Anderson
    Stanley Anderson
  • Image Stephanie Spruill
    Stephanie Spruill
  • Image Steve Tom
    Steve Tom
  • Image Stuart Scott
    Stuart Scott
  • Image Susan Dalian
    Susan Dalian
  • Image Tanisha Grant
    Tanisha Grant
  • Image Toshiya Agata
    Toshiya Agata
  • Image Travis Rosario
    Travis Rosario
  • Image Vernee Watson-Johnson
    Vernee Watson-Johnson
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