The Last Kiss

1h 55m

Giulia and Carlo have been happy together for three years, but Giulia's announcement that she is pregnant sends him into a secret panic. Terrified at his imminent entry into the adult world of irreversible responsibilities, Carlo finds himself tempted by a bewitching 18 year old girl, Francesca, whom he meets by chance at a wedding. The possibility of one last youthful crazy fling before the impending prison of parenthood proves to be too attractive to resist.


  • Image Bianca Cherici
    Bianca Cherici
  • Image Carmen Consoli
    Carmen Consoli
  • Image Claudio Santamaria
    Claudio Santamaria
  • Image Daniela Piazza
    Daniela Piazza
  • Image Elisabetta Rocchetti
    Elisabetta Rocchetti
  • Image Giorgio Pasotti
    Giorgio Pasotti
  • Image Giovanna Mezzogiorno
    Giovanna Mezzogiorno
  • Image Giulia Carmignani
    Giulia Carmignani
  • Image Ines Nobili
    Ines Nobili
  • Image Lina Bernardi
    Lina Bernardi
  • Image Luigi Diberti
    Luigi Diberti
  • Image Marco Cocci
    Marco Cocci
  • Image Martina Stella
    Martina Stella
  • Image Nino D'Agata
    Nino D'Agata
  • Image Pierfrancesco Favino
    Pierfrancesco Favino
  • Image Piero Natoli
    Piero Natoli
  • Image Regina Orioli
    Regina Orioli
  • Image Sabrina Impacciatore
    Sabrina Impacciatore
  • Image Sergio Castellitto
    Sergio Castellitto
  • Image Silvio Muccino
    Silvio Muccino
  • Image Stefania Sandrelli
    Stefania Sandrelli
  • Image Stefano Accorsi
    Stefano Accorsi
  • Image Vittorio Amandola
    Vittorio Amandola
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