The Laugh

2h 4m

As a civil war shakes the Quebec province of Canada, Valerie is the sole survivor of a mass execution where her boyfriend is killed. Years later, she’s in a close relationship with her new partner, Gabriel. At the Long Term Care Center where she works as an orderly, she befriends Jeanne, an erudite and funny woman, dealing with an important physical handicap. Mixing realism and worrying strangeness, The Laugh presents a humane exploration of the survivor’s syndrome, the grieving process, the distance of time, the power of love, and the joy of being alive.


  • Image Alexandre Landry
    Alexandre Landry
  • Image Catherine Hughes
    Catherine Hughes
  • Image Catherine Proulx-Lemay
    Catherine Proulx-Lemay
  • Image Christine Beaulieu
    Christine Beaulieu
  • Image Dominique Quesnel
    Dominique Quesnel
  • Image Émilie St-Germain
    Émilie St-Germain
  • Image Émilie-Rose Laplante
    Émilie-Rose Laplante
  • Image Evelyne De La Chenelière
    Evelyne De La Chenelière
  • Image Évelyne Rompré
    Évelyne Rompré
  • Image Fayolle Jean Jr
    Fayolle Jean Jr
  • Image François Lambert
    François Lambert
  • Image Frédéric Millaire-Zouvi
    Frédéric Millaire-Zouvi
  • Image Gabrielle Lamarche
    Gabrielle Lamarche
  • Image Hervé Simba
    Hervé Simba
  • Image Isabelle Duchesneau
    Isabelle Duchesneau
  • Image Jade Tessier
    Jade Tessier
  • Image Jean-Marie Montbarbut
    Jean-Marie Montbarbut
  • Image Jean-Sébastien Courchesne
    Jean-Sébastien Courchesne
  • Image Léane Labrèche-Dor
    Léane Labrèche-Dor
  • Image Marc-André Brunet
    Marc-André Brunet
  • Image Micheline Lanctôt
    Micheline Lanctôt
  • Image Normand Daoust
    Normand Daoust
  • Image Pascale Drevillon
    Pascale Drevillon
  • Image Pénéloppe Deraîche-Dallaire
    Pénéloppe Deraîche-Dallaire
  • Image Rebecca Miville-Deschênes
    Rebecca Miville-Deschênes
  • Image Rosa Zacharie
    Rosa Zacharie
  • Image Sophie Clément
    Sophie Clément
  • Image Stéphanie Germain
    Stéphanie Germain
  • Image Sylvain Poirier
    Sylvain Poirier
  • Image Sylvie Drapeau
    Sylvie Drapeau
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