Image The Legend of Hao Lan

The Legend of Hao Lan


Towards the end of the Warring States Era, the States of Qin and Zhao are engaged in a lengthy battle. Li Hao Lan, daughter of the Censor-in-chief of Zhao, is forced out of her own home after being set up by her stepmother. Having nothing to her name, she is sold as a slave and purchased by Lu Buwei, who is cleverly able to marry Hao Lan to Ying Yiren, a Qin royal who resides in Zhao as a hostage. However, Hao Lan and Buwei's presence in the Zhao palace ignites a dangerous battle, as they rely on their wits to evade Princess Ya’s devious schemes.

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  • Image Hai Ling
    Hai Ling
  • Image Mao Zijun
    Mao Zijun
  • Image Nie Yuan
    Nie Yuan
  • Image Ning Jing
    Ning Jing
  • Image Tong Mengshi
    Tong Mengshi
  • Image Wang Zhifei
    Wang Zhifei
  • Image Wu Jinyan
    Wu Jinyan
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