The Man Without Gravity

1h 47m
  • L'uomo senza gravità
  • 21-10-2019
  • Fantasy
  • Marco Bonfanti
  • 0 votes

A gravity-defying boy raised in seclusion matures into an extraordinary man -- and an international celebrity -- who longs for human connection.


  • Image Agnieszka Jania
    Agnieszka Jania
  • Image Andrea Pennacchi
    Andrea Pennacchi
  • Image Balkissa Souley Maiga
    Balkissa Souley Maiga
  • Image Chiara Ingrosso
    Chiara Ingrosso
  • Image Chiara Sartori
    Chiara Sartori
  • Image Cristina Donadio
    Cristina Donadio
  • Image Dieter-Michael Grohmann
    Dieter-Michael Grohmann
  • Image Dominique Lombardo
    Dominique Lombardo
  • Image Elena Cotta
    Elena Cotta
  • Image Elio Germano
    Elio Germano
  • Image Fabio Lovino
    Fabio Lovino
  • Image Francesco Procopio
    Francesco Procopio
  • Image Fulvio Milani
    Fulvio Milani
  • Image Giorgia Spinelli
    Giorgia Spinelli
  • Image Jean-Marie De Bol
    Jean-Marie De Bol
  • Image Jennifer Brokshi
    Jennifer Brokshi
  • Image Manuela Parodi
    Manuela Parodi
  • Image Maria Angela Tonetti
    Maria Angela Tonetti
  • Image Michela Cescon
    Michela Cescon
  • Image Pietro Pescara
    Pietro Pescara
  • Image Salvio Simeoli
    Salvio Simeoli
  • Image Silvia D'Amico Bendico
    Silvia D'Amico Bendico
  • Image Vincent Scarito
    Vincent Scarito
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