Image The Paper Chase

The Paper Chase

60m, 45m

Critically lauded drama about the life and pressures of a group of students at a prestigious Eastern law school, with a strict and domineering contract-law professor named Charles Kingsfield, who alternately inspires and terrifies the students.

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  • Image Betty Harford
    Betty Harford
  • Image Brent Spiner
    Brent Spiner
  • Image Carole Goldman
    Carole Goldman
  • Image Charles Hallahan
    Charles Hallahan
  • Image Diana Douglas
    Diana Douglas
  • Image Francine Tacker
    Francine Tacker
  • Image Herb Mendelsohn
    Herb Mendelsohn
  • Image Jack Manning
    Jack Manning
  • Image James Keane
    James Keane
  • Image James Stephens
    James Stephens
  • Image Jane Kaczmarek
    Jane Kaczmarek
  • Image Janine Turner
    Janine Turner
  • Image Jessica Salem
    Jessica Salem
  • Image John Houseman
    John Houseman
  • Image Lainie Kazan
    Lainie Kazan
  • Image Marilu Henner
    Marilu Henner
  • Image Michael Tucci
    Michael Tucci
  • Image Penny Johnson
    Penny Johnson
  • Image Peter Nelson
    Peter Nelson
  • Image Robert Ginty
    Robert Ginty
  • Image Stanley DeSantis
    Stanley DeSantis
  • Image Tom Fitzsimmons
    Tom Fitzsimmons
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