The Party 2

1h 49m

A young French teenage girl after moving to a new city falls in love with a boy and is thinking of having sex with him because her girlfriends have already done it.


  • Image Alain Beigel
    Alain Beigel
  • Image Alexandra Gonin
    Alexandra Gonin
  • Image Alexandre Sterling
    Alexandre Sterling
  • Image Brigitte Fossey
    Brigitte Fossey
  • Image Catherine Griffoni
    Catherine Griffoni
  • Image Claude Brasseur
    Claude Brasseur
  • Image Claudia Morin
    Claudia Morin
  • Image Daniel Russo
    Daniel Russo
  • Image Denise Grey
    Denise Grey
  • Image Francis Lemaire
    Francis Lemaire
  • Image Gaëlle Legrand
    Gaëlle Legrand
  • Image Jean Leuvrais
    Jean Leuvrais
  • Image Jean-Philippe Léonard
    Jean-Philippe Léonard
  • Image Laetitia Gabrielli
    Laetitia Gabrielli
  • Image Lambert Wilson
    Lambert Wilson
  • Image Lucienne Legrand
    Lucienne Legrand
  • Image Mathieu Rivolier
    Mathieu Rivolier
  • Image Michel Bonnet
    Michel Bonnet
  • Image Philippe Kelly
    Philippe Kelly
  • Image Pierre Cosso
    Pierre Cosso
  • Image Robert Dalban
    Robert Dalban
  • Image Robert le Béal
    Robert le Béal
  • Image Sandrine Bonnaire
    Sandrine Bonnaire
  • Image Sheila O'Connor
    Sheila O'Connor
  • Image Sophie Marceau
    Sophie Marceau
  • Image Zabou Breitman
    Zabou Breitman
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