The Pelican Brief

2h 21m

Two Supreme Court Justices have been assassinated. One lone law student has stumbled upon the truth. An investigative journalist wants her story. Everybody else wants her dead.


  • Image Amber Nelson
    Amber Nelson
  • Image Anthony Heald
    Anthony Heald
  • Image Beverly Brigham
    Beverly Brigham
  • Image Carey Varner
    Carey Varner
  • Image Carol Sutton
    Carol Sutton
  • Image Carrie Boren
    Carrie Boren
  • Image Casey Biggs
    Casey Biggs
  • Image Christopher Murray
    Christopher Murray
  • Image Cynthia Hood
    Cynthia Hood
  • Image Cynthia Nixon
    Cynthia Nixon
  • Image Denzel Washington
    Denzel Washington
  • Image Doug Coleman
    Doug Coleman
  • Image Edwin Newman
    Edwin Newman
  • Image Eliza Coleman
    Eliza Coleman
  • Image Ellie K. Wang
    Ellie K. Wang
  • Image Franchelle Stewart Dorn
    Franchelle Stewart Dorn
  • Image Gene Babb
    Gene Babb
  • Image Greta Valenti
    Greta Valenti
  • Image Harold Surratt
    Harold Surratt
  • Image Helen Carey
    Helen Carey
  • Image Howard Shalwitz
    Howard Shalwitz
  • Image Hume Cronyn
    Hume Cronyn
  • Image Jake Weber
    Jake Weber
  • Image James Earl Reed
    James Earl Reed
  • Image James Sikking
    James Sikking
  • Image Jerry Van Dyke
    Jerry Van Dyke
  • Image Joe Chrest
    Joe Chrest
  • Image John Finn
    John Finn
  • Image John Heard
    John Heard
  • Image John Lithgow
    John Lithgow
  • Image Julia Roberts
    Julia Roberts
  • Image Karen Bralove
    Karen Bralove
  • Image Karl Warren
    Karl Warren
  • Image Kelly Lynn Richards
    Kelly Lynn Richards
  • Image Kevin Geer
    Kevin Geer
  • Image Kyle Duvall
    Kyle Duvall
  • Image Kyle Prue
    Kyle Prue
  • Image Magee Hickey
    Magee Hickey
  • Image Michael Port
    Michael Port
  • Image Michelle O'Neill
    Michelle O'Neill
  • Image Nicholas Woodeson
    Nicholas Woodeson
  • Image Ralph Cosham
    Ralph Cosham
  • Image Richard Bauer
    Richard Bauer
  • Image Robert Culp
    Robert Culp
  • Image Sam Shepard
    Sam Shepard
  • Image Sandra Quarterman
    Sandra Quarterman
  • Image Shanna Connell
    Shanna Connell
  • Image Sonny Jim Gaines
    Sonny Jim Gaines
  • Image Stanley Anderson
    Stanley Anderson
  • Image Stanley Tucci
    Stanley Tucci
  • Image Teagle F. Bougere
    Teagle F. Bougere
  • Image Tom Quinn
    Tom Quinn
  • Image Tony Goldwyn
    Tony Goldwyn
  • Image William Atherton
    William Atherton
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