The Phantom of Liberty

1h 44m
  • Le Fantôme de la liberté
  • 10-09-1974
  • Comedy, Drama
  • Luis Buñuel
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This Surrealist film, with a title referencing the Communist Manifesto, strings together short incidents based on the life of director Luis Buñuel. Presented as chance encounters, these loosely related, intersecting situations, all without a consistent protagonist, reach from the 19th century to the 1970s. Touching briefly on subjects such as execution, pedophilia, incest, and sex, the film features an array of characters, including a sick father and incompetent police officers.


  • Image Adolfo Celi
    Adolfo Celi
  • Image Adriana Asti
    Adriana Asti
  • Image Agnès Capri
    Agnès Capri
  • Image Alix Mahieux
    Alix Mahieux
  • Image André Rouyer
    André Rouyer
  • Image Anne-Marie Deschodt
    Anne-Marie Deschodt
  • Image Auguste Carrière
    Auguste Carrière
  • Image Bernard Musson
    Bernard Musson
  • Image Bernard Verley
    Bernard Verley
  • Image Claude Piéplu
    Claude Piéplu
  • Image Ellen Bahl
    Ellen Bahl
  • Image François Maistre
    François Maistre
  • Image Guy Montagné
    Guy Montagné
  • Image Hélène Perdrière
    Hélène Perdrière
  • Image Jacques Debary
    Jacques Debary
  • Image Jean Champion
    Jean Champion
  • Image Jean Degrave
    Jean Degrave
  • Image Jean Mauvais
    Jean Mauvais
  • Image Jean Rochefort
    Jean Rochefort
  • Image Jean Rougerie
    Jean Rougerie
  • Image Jean-Claude Brialy
    Jean-Claude Brialy
  • Image Jean-Michel Dhermay
    Jean-Michel Dhermay
  • Image Jenny Astruc
    Jenny Astruc
  • Image Julien Bertheau
    Julien Bertheau
  • Image Marcel Pérès
    Marcel Pérès
  • Image Marianne Borgo
    Marianne Borgo
  • Image Marie-France Pisier
    Marie-France Pisier
  • Image Marius Laurey
    Marius Laurey
  • Image Maxence Mailfort
    Maxence Mailfort
  • Image Michael Lonsdale
    Michael Lonsdale
  • Image Michel Piccoli
    Michel Piccoli
  • Image Milena Vukotic
    Milena Vukotic
  • Image Monica Vitti
    Monica Vitti
  • Image Muni
  • Image Orane Demazis
    Orane Demazis
  • Image Pascale Audret
    Pascale Audret
  • Image Paul Frankeur
    Paul Frankeur
  • Image Paul Le Person
    Paul Le Person
  • Image Philippe Brigaud
    Philippe Brigaud
  • Image Philippe Brizard
    Philippe Brizard
  • Image Pierre Lary
    Pierre Lary
  • Image Pierre Maguelon
    Pierre Maguelon
  • Image Pierre-François Pistorio
    Pierre-François Pistorio
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