The Piano Teacher

2h 11m

Erika Kohut, a sexually repressed piano teacher living with her domineering mother, meets a young man who starts romantically pursuing her.


  • Image Andreas Donat
    Andreas Donat
  • Image Anna Sigalevitch
    Anna Sigalevitch
  • Image Annemarie Schleinzer
    Annemarie Schleinzer
  • Image Annie Girardot
    Annie Girardot
  • Image Arbesi Sufi
    Arbesi Sufi
  • Image Benoît Magimel
    Benoît Magimel
  • Image Cornelia Köndgen
    Cornelia Köndgen
  • Image Dieter Berner
    Dieter Berner
  • Image Erika Kollmann-Till
    Erika Kollmann-Till
  • Image Esther Pils
    Esther Pils
  • Image Florian Koban
    Florian Koban
  • Image Gabriele Schuchter
    Gabriele Schuchter
  • Image Georg Friedrich
    Georg Friedrich
  • Image Gerti Drassl
    Gerti Drassl
  • Image Isabelle Huppert
    Isabelle Huppert
  • Image Karoline Zeisler
    Karoline Zeisler
  • Image Klaus Händl
    Klaus Händl
  • Image Liliana Nelska
    Liliana Nelska
  • Image Luz Leskowitz
    Luz Leskowitz
  • Image Marcus Zeuner
    Marcus Zeuner
  • Image Martina Resetarits
    Martina Resetarits
  • Image Michael Schottenberg
    Michael Schottenberg
  • Image Nina Kripas
    Nina Kripas
  • Image Petra Reichel
    Petra Reichel
  • Image Philipp Heiss
    Philipp Heiss
  • Image Rudolf Melichar
    Rudolf Melichar
  • Image Susanne Lothar
    Susanne Lothar
  • Image Thomas Auner
    Thomas Auner
  • Image Thomas Weinhappel
    Thomas Weinhappel
  • Image Udo Samel
    Udo Samel
  • Image Viktor Teuflmayr
    Viktor Teuflmayr
  • Image Vivian Bartsch
    Vivian Bartsch
  • Image Volker Waldegg
    Volker Waldegg
  • Image William Mang
    William Mang
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