The Place Beyond the Pines

2h 20m

A motorcycle stunt rider considers committing a crime in order to provide for his wife and child, an act that puts him on a collision course with a cop-turned-politician.


  • Image Adam Nowichi
    Adam Nowichi
  • Image Adriel Linyear
    Adriel Linyear
  • Image Alex Pulling
    Alex Pulling
  • Image Anthony Angelo Pizza, Jr.
    Anthony Angelo Pizza, Jr.
  • Image Ben Mendelsohn
    Ben Mendelsohn
  • Image Bob Dieterich
    Bob Dieterich
  • Image Bradley Cooper
    Bradley Cooper
  • Image Breanna Dolen
    Breanna Dolen
  • Image Brian Smyj
    Brian Smyj
  • Image Bruce Greenwood
    Bruce Greenwood
  • Image Craig Van Hook
    Craig Van Hook
  • Image Cynthia Pelletier-Sullivan
    Cynthia Pelletier-Sullivan
  • Image Dane DeHaan
    Dane DeHaan
  • Image Dante Shafer
    Dante Shafer
  • Image Dorothy Rutherford
    Dorothy Rutherford
  • Image Ean Egas
    Ean Egas
  • Image Emory Cohen
    Emory Cohen
  • Image Ephraim Benton
    Ephraim Benton
  • Image Eva Mendes
    Eva Mendes
  • Image Frank J. Falvo
    Frank J. Falvo
  • Image G. Douglas Griset
    G. Douglas Griset
  • Image Gabe Fazio
    Gabe Fazio
  • Image Gail Martino
    Gail Martino
  • Image Greta Seacat
    Greta Seacat
  • Image Harris Yulin
    Harris Yulin
  • Image Heather Chestnut
    Heather Chestnut
  • Image Hugh T. Farley
    Hugh T. Farley
  • Image James J. Gleason
    James J. Gleason
  • Image Jan Libertucci
    Jan Libertucci
  • Image Jefrey Pollock
    Jefrey Pollock
  • Image Jennifer Sober
    Jennifer Sober
  • Image Jessica Layton
    Jessica Layton
  • Image Joe McCarthy
    Joe McCarthy
  • Image John Facci
    John Facci
  • Image Kayla Smalls
    Kayla Smalls
  • Image Kevin Green
    Kevin Green
  • Image Leah Bliven
    Leah Bliven
  • Image Luca Pierucci
    Luca Pierucci
  • Image Lynette Howell Taylor
    Lynette Howell Taylor
  • Image Mackenzie Trainor
    Mackenzie Trainor
  • Image Mahershala Ali
    Mahershala Ali
  • Image Mark J. Caruso
    Mark J. Caruso
  • Image Mark McCracken
    Mark McCracken
  • Image Melissa Mills
    Melissa Mills
  • Image Michael Cullen
    Michael Cullen
  • Image Nicole Califano
    Nicole Califano
  • Image Olga Merediz
    Olga Merediz
  • Image Patrick Husted
    Patrick Husted
  • Image Paul Steele
    Paul Steele
  • Image Penny
  • Image Ray Liotta
    Ray Liotta
  • Image Robert Clohessy
    Robert Clohessy
  • Image Rose Byrne
    Rose Byrne
  • Image Ryan Gosling
    Ryan Gosling
  • Image Sabrina Dhammi
    Sabrina Dhammi
  • Image Sarah Curcio
    Sarah Curcio
  • Image Shannon Plumb
    Shannon Plumb
  • Image Thomas Mattice
    Thomas Mattice
  • Image Tracey Augustin
    Tracey Augustin
  • Image Travis Jackson Campbell
    Travis Jackson Campbell
  • Image Trevor Jackson Campbell
    Trevor Jackson Campbell
  • Image Tula
  • Image Vanessa Thorpe
    Vanessa Thorpe
  • Image Whitney Hudson
    Whitney Hudson
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