The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes

2h 5m

Director Billy Wilder adds a new and intriguing twist to the personality of intrepid detective Sherlock Holmes. One thing hasn't changed however: Holmes' crime-solving talents. Holmes and Dr. Watson take on the case of a beautiful woman whose husband has vanished. The investigation proves strange indeed, involving six missing midgets, villainous monks, a Scottish castle, the Loch Ness monster, and covert naval experiments. Can the sleuths make sense of all this and solve the mystery


  • Image Alex McCrindle
    Alex McCrindle
  • Image Catherine Lacey
    Catherine Lacey
  • Image Christopher Lee
    Christopher Lee
  • Image Clive Revill
    Clive Revill
  • Image Colin Blakely
    Colin Blakely
  • Image Frank Thornton
    Frank Thornton
  • Image Geneviève Page
    Geneviève Page
  • Image George Benson
    George Benson
  • Image Godfrey James
    Godfrey James
  • Image Irene Handl
    Irene Handl
  • Image James Copeland
    James Copeland
  • Image John Garrie
    John Garrie
  • Image Michael Balfour
    Michael Balfour
  • Image Mollie Maureen
    Mollie Maureen
  • Image Paul Hansard
    Paul Hansard
  • Image Peter Madden
    Peter Madden
  • Image Robert Cawdron
    Robert Cawdron
  • Image Robert Stephens
    Robert Stephens
  • Image Stanley Holloway
    Stanley Holloway
  • Image Tamara Toumanova
    Tamara Toumanova
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