The Revenant

1h 50m

A horror movie/buddy comedy about Joey and his undead friend Bart who comes back from the dead as a revenant: an articulate zombie that needs to drink blood to arrest the decomposition of his body.


  • Image Amy Correa
    Amy Correa
  • Image Andre Alexsen
    Andre Alexsen
  • Image Annie Abbott
    Annie Abbott
  • Image Bernardo Badillo
    Bernardo Badillo
  • Image Braxton Davis
    Braxton Davis
  • Image Cathy Shim
    Cathy Shim
  • Image Chris Wylde
    Chris Wylde
  • Image Ciro Suarez
    Ciro Suarez
  • Image Clint Jung
    Clint Jung
  • Image Colin Follenweider
    Colin Follenweider
  • Image David Anders
    David Anders
  • Image David Ross Paterson
    David Ross Paterson
  • Image David St. James
    David St. James
  • Image David Ury
    David Ury
  • Image Emiliano Torres
    Emiliano Torres
  • Image Eric Payne
    Eric Payne
  • Image Floyd Van Buskirk
    Floyd Van Buskirk
  • Image Jacy King
    Jacy King
  • Image Jennifer Costa
    Jennifer Costa
  • Image Jennifer Holloway
    Jennifer Holloway
  • Image Joe Dioletto
    Joe Dioletto
  • Image Jonathan Mangum
    Jonathan Mangum
  • Image Kristyn Burtt
    Kristyn Burtt
  • Image Louise Griffiths
    Louise Griffiths
  • Image Mark Elias
    Mark Elias
  • Image Marque Ohmes
    Marque Ohmes
  • Image Mike G.
    Mike G.
  • Image Mike Rad
    Mike Rad
  • Image Ralph Richeson
    Ralph Richeson
  • Image Robert Axelrod
    Robert Axelrod
  • Image Senyo Amoaku
    Senyo Amoaku
  • Image Twain Taylor
    Twain Taylor
  • Image Yvette Freeman
    Yvette Freeman
  • Image Zoe Simpson
    Zoe Simpson
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