The Rezort

1h 27m

The ReZort, a post apocalyptic safari, offers paying guests the opportunity to kill zombies in the wake of an outbreak.


  • Image Bentley Kalu
    Bentley Kalu
  • Image Catarina Mira
    Catarina Mira
  • Image Claire Goose
    Claire Goose
  • Image Cristian Solimeno
    Cristian Solimeno
  • Image Dave Wong
    Dave Wong
  • Image Derek Siow
    Derek Siow
  • Image Dougray Scott
    Dougray Scott
  • Image Elen Rhys
    Elen Rhys
  • Image Francois Pandolfo
    Francois Pandolfo
  • Image Jamie Ward
    Jamie Ward
  • Image Jassa Ahluwalia
    Jassa Ahluwalia
  • Image Jessica De Gouw
    Jessica De Gouw
  • Image Kevin Shen
    Kevin Shen
  • Image Lawrence Walker
    Lawrence Walker
  • Image Manuela Maletta
    Manuela Maletta
  • Image Martin McCann
    Martin McCann
  • Image Rebecca James
    Rebecca James
  • Image Richard Laing
    Richard Laing
  • Image Robert Firth
    Robert Firth
  • Image Sam Douglas
    Sam Douglas
  • Image Sean Power
    Sean Power
  • Image Shane Zaza
    Shane Zaza
  • Image Stefan Pejic
    Stefan Pejic
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