The Roaring Twenties

1h 44m

After World War I, Armistice Lloyd Hart goes back to practice law, former saloon keeper George Hally turns to bootlegging, and out-of-work Eddie Bartlett becomes a cab driver. Eddie builds a fleet of cabs through delivery of bootleg liquor and hires Lloyd as his lawyer. George becomes Eddie's partner and the rackets flourish until love and rivalry interfere.


  • Image Abner Biberman
    Abner Biberman
  • Image Adolf Hitler
    Adolf Hitler
  • Image Al Bridge
    Al Bridge
  • Image Al Herman
    Al Herman
  • Image Al Hill
    Al Hill
  • Image Alan Davis
    Alan Davis
  • Image Alfred Linder
    Alfred Linder
  • Image Amzie Strickland
    Amzie Strickland
  • Image Ann Codee
    Ann Codee
  • Image Arthur Loft
    Arthur Loft
  • Image Ben Welden
    Ben Welden
  • Image Benito Mussolini
    Benito Mussolini
  • Image Bert Hanlon
    Bert Hanlon
  • Image Bess Flowers
    Bess Flowers
  • Image Bill Elliott
    Bill Elliott
  • Image Billy Wayne
    Billy Wayne
  • Image Brooks Benedict
    Brooks Benedict
  • Image Bruce Sidney
    Bruce Sidney
  • Image Calvin Coolidge
    Calvin Coolidge
  • Image Carl Harbaugh
    Carl Harbaugh
  • Image Charles C. Wilson
    Charles C. Wilson
  • Image Charles Corrigan
    Charles Corrigan
  • Image Charles Marsh
    Charles Marsh
  • Image Charles Sullivan
    Charles Sullivan
  • Image Clay Clement
    Clay Clement
  • Image Cliff Saum
    Cliff Saum
  • Image Creighton Hale
    Creighton Hale
  • Image Curt Furburg
    Curt Furburg
  • Image Cyril Ring
    Cyril Ring
  • Image David Oliver
    David Oliver
  • Image Dick Wessel
    Dick Wessel
  • Image Don Rowan
    Don Rowan
  • Image Don Thaddeus Kerr
    Don Thaddeus Kerr
  • Image Donald Kerr
    Donald Kerr
  • Image Eddie Acuff
    Eddie Acuff
  • Image Eddie Hart
    Eddie Hart
  • Image Eddy Chandler
    Eddy Chandler
  • Image Edward Keane
    Edward Keane
  • Image Elisabeth Risdon
    Elisabeth Risdon
  • Image Elliott Sullivan
    Elliott Sullivan
  • Image Emory Parnell
    Emory Parnell
  • Image Ernie Alexander
    Ernie Alexander
  • Image Field Norton
    Field Norton
  • Image Frank Mayo
    Frank Mayo
  • Image Frank McHugh
    Frank McHugh
  • Image Frank Wilcox
    Frank Wilcox
  • Image Franklin D. Roosevelt
    Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Image Fred Graham
    Fred Graham
  • Image George Humbert
    George Humbert
  • Image George Lloyd
    George Lloyd
  • Image George Meeker
    George Meeker
  • Image Gladys George
    Gladys George
  • Image Glen Cavender
    Glen Cavender
  • Image Harry C. Bradley
    Harry C. Bradley
  • Image Harry Hollingsworth
    Harry Hollingsworth
  • Image Hector V. Sarno
    Hector V. Sarno
  • Image Herbert Heywood
    Herbert Heywood
  • Image Herbert Hoover
    Herbert Hoover
  • Image Humphrey Bogart
    Humphrey Bogart
  • Image Jack Mower
    Jack Mower
  • Image Jack Norton
    Jack Norton
  • Image James Blaine
    James Blaine
  • Image James Cagney
    James Cagney
  • Image James Conaty
    James Conaty
  • Image James Flavin
    James Flavin
  • Image Jane Jones
    Jane Jones
  • Image Jeffrey Lynn
    Jeffrey Lynn
  • Image Jeffrey Sayre
    Jeffrey Sayre
  • Image Joe Devlin
    Joe Devlin
  • Image Joe Sawyer
    Joe Sawyer
  • Image John Deering
    John Deering
  • Image John Hamilton
    John Hamilton
  • Image John Harron
    John Harron
  • Image John J. Richardson
    John J. Richardson
  • Image John Ridgely
    John Ridgely
  • Image John St. Clair
    John St. Clair
  • Image Joseph Crehan
    Joseph Crehan
  • Image Kernan Cripps
    Kernan Cripps
  • Image King Mojave
    King Mojave
  • Image Lee Phelps
    Lee Phelps
  • Image Leo White
    Leo White
  • Image Lew Harvey
    Lew Harvey
  • Image Lloyd Ingraham
    Lloyd Ingraham
  • Image Lottie Williams
    Lottie Williams
  • Image Maurice Costello
    Maurice Costello
  • Image Max Blum
    Max Blum
  • Image Max Wagner
    Max Wagner
  • Image Mel Kalish
    Mel Kalish
  • Image Michael Jeffers
    Michael Jeffers
  • Image Mike Lally
    Mike Lally
  • Image Milton Kibbee
    Milton Kibbee
  • Image Murray Alper
    Murray Alper
  • Image Nat Carr
    Nat Carr
  • Image Norman Willis
    Norman Willis
  • Image Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
    Oscar 'Dutch' Hendrian
  • Image Oscar O'Shea
    Oscar O'Shea
  • Image Pat O'Malley
    Pat O'Malley
  • Image Paul Bryar
    Paul Bryar
  • Image Paul Kelly
    Paul Kelly
  • Image Paul Phillips
    Paul Phillips
  • Image Philip Morris
    Philip Morris
  • Image Priscilla Lane
    Priscilla Lane
  • Image Ray Cooke
    Ray Cooke
  • Image Raymond Bailey
    Raymond Bailey
  • Image Reid Kilpatrick
    Reid Kilpatrick
  • Image Robert Armstrong
    Robert Armstrong
  • Image Robert Dobson
    Robert Dobson
  • Image Robert Elliott
    Robert Elliott
  • Image Sam Harris
    Sam Harris
  • Image Sayre Dearing
    Sayre Dearing
  • Image Stuart Holmes
    Stuart Holmes
  • Image Vera Lewis
    Vera Lewis
  • Image Wade Boteler
    Wade Boteler
  • Image Warren Rock
    Warren Rock
  • Image Wedgwood Nowell
    Wedgwood Nowell
  • Image Wendell Niles
    Wendell Niles
  • Image Westbrook Van Voorhis
    Westbrook Van Voorhis
  • Image William Pawley
    William Pawley
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