The Score

2h 4m

An aging thief hopes to retire and live off his ill-gotten wealth when a young kid convinces him into doing one last heist.


  • Image Angela Bassett
    Angela Bassett
  • Image Bobby Brown
    Bobby Brown
  • Image Carlo Essagian
    Carlo Essagian
  • Image Cassandra Wilson
    Cassandra Wilson
  • Image Charles V. Doucet
    Charles V. Doucet
  • Image Christian Tessier
    Christian Tessier
  • Image Claude Despins
    Claude Despins
  • Image Edward Norton
    Edward Norton
  • Image Eric Hoziel
    Eric Hoziel
  • Image Gary Farmer
    Gary Farmer
  • Image Jamie Harrold
    Jamie Harrold
  • Image Jean-René Ouellet
    Jean-René Ouellet
  • Image Lenie Scoffié
    Lenie Scoffié
  • Image Marie-Josée Colburn
    Marie-Josée Colburn
  • Image Mark Camacho
    Mark Camacho
  • Image Marlon Brando
    Marlon Brando
  • Image Martin Drainville
    Martin Drainville
  • Image Maurice Demers
    Maurice Demers
  • Image Mose Allison
    Mose Allison
  • Image Norman Mikeal Berketa
    Norman Mikeal Berketa
  • Image Paul Soles
    Paul Soles
  • Image Pierre Drolet
    Pierre Drolet
  • Image Richard Waugh
    Richard Waugh
  • Image Richard Zeman
    Richard Zeman
  • Image Robert De Niro
    Robert De Niro
  • Image Serge Houde
    Serge Houde
  • Image Thinh Truong Nguyen
    Thinh Truong Nguyen
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