The Song of Fried Chile

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Chile is one of the most important ingredients in Mexican culture. It is a fundamental piece of Mexicanness and its use goes far beyond gastronomy. "El Son Del Chile Frito" emerges from a recognition of the cultural diversity of Oaxaca, comparing it with the same variety that this species has. Just as chile is a fundamental part of our daily life, the traditions and customs of the area are the basis of the identity and sense of belonging of any Mexican.


  • Image Abigail Mendoza
    Abigail Mendoza
  • Image Demián Flores
    Demián Flores
  • Image José Che Gómez
    José Che Gómez
  • Image Lila Downs
    Lila Downs
  • Image Marcelina Cerqueda Na Marce
    Marcelina Cerqueda Na Marce
  • Image María Eugenia Ruíz Ramírez
    María Eugenia Ruíz Ramírez
  • Image Marlene Linares
    Marlene Linares
  • Image Natividad Amador
    Natividad Amador
  • Image Óscar Carrisoza
    Óscar Carrisoza
  • Image Víctor Cata
    Víctor Cata
  • Image Victoria Dehesa
    Victoria Dehesa
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