The Stand In

1h 41m
  • The Stand In
  • 03-12-2020
  • Comedy
  • Jamie Babbit
  • 0 votes

The story of a disaffected comedy actress and her ambitious stand-in trading places.


  • Image Adrian Martinez
    Adrian Martinez
  • Image Andrew Rannells
    Andrew Rannells
  • Image Charlie Barnett
    Charlie Barnett
  • Image Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore
  • Image Ellie Kemper
    Ellie Kemper
  • Image Georgia Buchanan
    Georgia Buchanan
  • Image Heather Girardi
    Heather Girardi
  • Image Holland Taylor
    Holland Taylor
  • Image John W. Lawson
    John W. Lawson
  • Image Kristoffe Brodeur
    Kristoffe Brodeur
  • Image Lena Dunham
    Lena Dunham
  • Image Mark J Clifford
    Mark J Clifford
  • Image Michael Zegen
    Michael Zegen
  • Image Michelle Buteau
    Michelle Buteau
  • Image RayJonaldy Rodriguez
    RayJonaldy Rodriguez
  • Image T.J. Miller
    T.J. Miller
  • Image Teddy Coluca
    Teddy Coluca
  • Image Wendy Meredith
    Wendy Meredith
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