The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe

1h 30m
  • Le Grand Blond avec une chaussure noire
  • 06-12-1972
  • Comedy, Mystery
  • Yves Robert
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Hapless orchestra player becomes an unwitting pawn of rival factions within the French secret service after he is chosen as a decoy by being identified as a super secret agent.


  • Image Arlette Balkis
    Arlette Balkis
  • Image Bernard Blier
    Bernard Blier
  • Image Bernard Charlan
    Bernard Charlan
  • Image Colette Castel
    Colette Castel
  • Image Gérard Majax
    Gérard Majax
  • Image Jean Carmet
    Jean Carmet
  • Image Jean Obe
    Jean Obe
  • Image Jean Rochefort
    Jean Rochefort
  • Image Jean Saudray
    Jean Saudray
  • Image Marcel Gassouk
    Marcel Gassouk
  • Image Maurice Barrier
    Maurice Barrier
  • Image Mireille Darc
    Mireille Darc
  • Image Paul Le Person
    Paul Le Person
  • Image Pierre Richard
    Pierre Richard
  • Image Robert Castel
    Robert Castel
  • Image Robert Dalban
    Robert Dalban
  • Image Roger Caccia
    Roger Caccia
  • Image Stéphane Bouy
    Stéphane Bouy
  • Image Tania Balachova
    Tania Balachova
  • Image Xavier Gélin
    Xavier Gélin
  • Image Yves Robert
    Yves Robert
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