The Taming of the Scoundrel

1h 44m

A rich farmer is well known for being very unkind. He's misanthropic, misogynous and cantankerous. Until he meets by chance a gorgeous girl...


  • Image Adriano Celentano
    Adriano Celentano
  • Image Edith Peters
    Edith Peters
  • Image Gianni Coletto
    Gianni Coletto
  • Image Gianni Franco
    Gianni Franco
  • Image Guido Spadea
    Guido Spadea
  • Image Jimmy il Fenomeno
    Jimmy il Fenomeno
  • Image Marco Columbro
    Marco Columbro
  • Image Massimo Mirani
    Massimo Mirani
  • Image Maurizio Fardo
    Maurizio Fardo
  • Image Milly Carlucci
    Milly Carlucci
  • Image Nicola De Buono
    Nicola De Buono
  • Image Ornella Muti
    Ornella Muti
  • Image Pippo Santonastaso
    Pippo Santonastaso
  • Image Raffaele di Sipio
    Raffaele di Sipio
  • Image Sandro Ghiani
    Sandro Ghiani
  • Image Vincenzo De Toma
    Vincenzo De Toma
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