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Image The Teacher

The Teacher


Akif Erdem, the physics teacher who is the protagonist of the story, wants to teach his students a “lesson in humanity”. The only thing is – Akif the teacher uses a different teaching method than the teachers we know and are used to. For their last lesson as a class, Akif Erdem holds the students of his 12A class at the Küçükkuyu high school hostage and separates the class from the rest of the school using a bomb. The students and Akif will no longer be able to leave... and Akif the teacher asks the students a question, “Who one among you caused the death of fellow 12A student Kay Örnek?” There is only one way for the young people who have been taken hostage to get out of this situation: to tell the truth!

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  • Image Afra Saraçoğlu
    Afra Saraçoğlu
  • Image Can Bartu Aslan
    Can Bartu Aslan
  • Image Ceren Moray Brun
    Ceren Moray Brun
  • Image Doğa Özüm
    Doğa Özüm
  • Image İlker Kaleli
    İlker Kaleli
  • Image Ramazan Demir
    Ramazan Demir
  • Image Ruhi Sarı
    Ruhi Sarı
  • Image Serhat Kılıç
    Serhat Kılıç
  • Image Şerif Erol
    Şerif Erol
  • Image Serkan Keskin
    Serkan Keskin
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