The Thirteenth Floor

1h 41m

Los Angeles. A wealthy man, known as Mr. Fuller, discovers a shocking secret about the world he lives in. Fearing for his life, he leaves a desperate message for a friend of his in the most unexpected place.


  • Image Alison Lohman
    Alison Lohman
  • Image Andrew Alden
    Andrew Alden
  • Image Armin Mueller-Stahl
    Armin Mueller-Stahl
  • Image Bob Clendenin
    Bob Clendenin
  • Image Brad William Henke
    Brad William Henke
  • Image Brooks Almy
    Brooks Almy
  • Image Burt Bulos
    Burt Bulos
  • Image Craig Bierko
    Craig Bierko
  • Image Darryl Henriques
    Darryl Henriques
  • Image Dennis Haysbert
    Dennis Haysbert
  • Image Ernie Lively
    Ernie Lively
  • Image Geoffrey Rivas
    Geoffrey Rivas
  • Image Gretchen Mol
    Gretchen Mol
  • Image Hadda Brooks
    Hadda Brooks
  • Image Howard S. Miller
    Howard S. Miller
  • Image Janet MacLachlan
    Janet MacLachlan
  • Image Jeff Blumenkrantz
    Jeff Blumenkrantz
  • Image Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts
  • Image Johnny Crawford
    Johnny Crawford
  • Image Lee Weaver
    Lee Weaver
  • Image Leon Rippy
    Leon Rippy
  • Image Meghan Ivey
    Meghan Ivey
  • Image Rachel Winfree
    Rachel Winfree
  • Image Rif Hutton
    Rif Hutton
  • Image Ron Boussom
    Ron Boussom
  • Image Shiri Appleby
    Shiri Appleby
  • Image Steven Schub
    Steven Schub
  • Image Suzanne Harrer
    Suzanne Harrer
  • Image Tia Texada
    Tia Texada
  • Image Toni Sawyer
    Toni Sawyer
  • Image Travis Tedford
    Travis Tedford
  • Image Venessia Valentino
    Venessia Valentino
  • Image Vincent D'Onofrio
    Vincent D'Onofrio
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