The Ugly Truth

1h 36m

A romantically challenged morning show producer is reluctantly embroiled in a series of outrageous tests by her chauvinistic correspondent to prove his theories on relationships and help her find love. His clever ploys, however, lead to an unexpected result.


  • Image Adam Clark
    Adam Clark
  • Image Adam J. Harrington
    Adam J. Harrington
  • Image Alexandra Nicole Hulme
    Alexandra Nicole Hulme
  • Image Alexis Krause
    Alexis Krause
  • Image Allen Maldonado
    Allen Maldonado
  • Image Anthony Simone
    Anthony Simone
  • Image April Betts
    April Betts
  • Image Arielle Vandenberg
    Arielle Vandenberg
  • Image Ashley Ausburn
    Ashley Ausburn
  • Image Ashton Shane
    Ashton Shane
  • Image Barnett O'Hara
    Barnett O'Hara
  • Image Blake Robbins
    Blake Robbins
  • Image Bob Morrisey
    Bob Morrisey
  • Image Bonnie Somerville
    Bonnie Somerville
  • Image Bree Turner
    Bree Turner
  • Image Brooke Stone
    Brooke Stone
  • Image Bruna Matsin
    Bruna Matsin
  • Image Calo Rodriguez
    Calo Rodriguez
  • Image Carolina Zaballa
    Carolina Zaballa
  • Image Cheryl Hines
    Cheryl Hines
  • Image Chris Spinelli
    Chris Spinelli
  • Image Christina Gabrielle
    Christina Gabrielle
  • Image Courtney Kocak
    Courtney Kocak
  • Image Craig Ferguson
    Craig Ferguson
  • Image Dan Callahan
    Dan Callahan
  • Image Earl Carroll
    Earl Carroll
  • Image Eric Winter
    Eric Winter
  • Image Erin Micklow
    Erin Micklow
  • Image Gerard Butler
    Gerard Butler
  • Image Holly Weber
    Holly Weber
  • Image J. Claude Deering
    J. Claude Deering
  • Image Jade Marx-Berti
    Jade Marx-Berti
  • Image James Howarth
    James Howarth
  • Image Jamison Yang
    Jamison Yang
  • Image Jeff Newburg
    Jeff Newburg
  • Image Jerald Garner
    Jerald Garner
  • Image Jesse D. Goins
    Jesse D. Goins
  • Image John Michael Higgins
    John Michael Higgins
  • Image John Sloman
    John Sloman
  • Image John Summers
    John Summers
  • Image Justin Rodgers Hall
    Justin Rodgers Hall
  • Image Katherine Heigl
    Katherine Heigl
  • Image Kevin Bangos
    Kevin Bangos
  • Image Kevin Connolly
    Kevin Connolly
  • Image Kim Donovan
    Kim Donovan
  • Image Lejla Hadzimuratovic
    Lejla Hadzimuratovic
  • Image Marc D. Wilson
    Marc D. Wilson
  • Image Melinda Bennett
    Melinda Bennett
  • Image Mimi Michaels
    Mimi Michaels
  • Image Nate Corddry
    Nate Corddry
  • Image Nick Searcy
    Nick Searcy
  • Image Noah Matthews
    Noah Matthews
  • Image Rich Skidmore
    Rich Skidmore
  • Image Rocco DiSpirito
    Rocco DiSpirito
  • Image Ryan Surratt
    Ryan Surratt
  • Image Sabrina Diaz
    Sabrina Diaz
  • Image Sandra Daubert
    Sandra Daubert
  • Image Sandra Plazinic
    Sandra Plazinic
  • Image Shanna Olson
    Shanna Olson
  • Image Skyler Caleb
    Skyler Caleb
  • Image Stephanie Mace
    Stephanie Mace
  • Image Stephen Hansen
    Stephen Hansen
  • Image Steve Little
    Steve Little
  • Image Steven Galarce
    Steven Galarce
  • Image Tamara Witmer
    Tamara Witmer
  • Image Taylor McCluskey
    Taylor McCluskey
  • Image Tess Parker
    Tess Parker
  • Image Tina Mayer
    Tina Mayer
  • Image Tom Virtue
    Tom Virtue
  • Image Tracy Weisert
    Tracy Weisert
  • Image Valente Rodriguez
    Valente Rodriguez
  • Image Vicki Lewis
    Vicki Lewis
  • Image Yolanda Pecoraro
    Yolanda Pecoraro
  • Image Yvette Nicole Brown
    Yvette Nicole Brown
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