The Unlikely Prince

1h 37m
  • Il principe abusivo
  • 09-02-2013
  • Comedy
  • Alessandro Siani
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A princess has to pretend to be in love with a rude and ignorant boy to obtein success among her citizens.


  • Image Alan Cappelli Goetz
    Alan Cappelli Goetz
  • Image Aldo Bufi Landi
    Aldo Bufi Landi
  • Image Alessandro Partexano
    Alessandro Partexano
  • Image Alessandro Siani
    Alessandro Siani
  • Image Augusto Fornari
    Augusto Fornari
  • Image Christian De Sica
    Christian De Sica
  • Image Clara Bindi
    Clara Bindi
  • Image Franca Maresca
    Franca Maresca
  • Image Gisella Sofio
    Gisella Sofio
  • Image Marco Messeri
    Marco Messeri
  • Image Mariano Bruno
    Mariano Bruno
  • Image Mario Zucca
    Mario Zucca
  • Image Nello Iorio
    Nello Iorio
  • Image Raffaele Musella
    Raffaele Musella
  • Image Salvatore Misticone
    Salvatore Misticone
  • Image Sarah Felberbaum
    Sarah Felberbaum
  • Image Serena Autieri
    Serena Autieri
  • Image Sergio Graziani
    Sergio Graziani
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