The Virtuoso

1h 45m

A lonesome stranger with nerves of steel must track down and kill a rogue hitman to satisfy an outstanding debt. But the only information he's been given is a time and location where to find his quarry. No name. No description. Nothing.


  • Image Abbie Cornish
    Abbie Cornish
  • Image Anson Mount
    Anson Mount
  • Image Anthony Hopkins
    Anthony Hopkins
  • Image Basil Kershner
    Basil Kershner
  • Image Blaise Corrigan
    Blaise Corrigan
  • Image Chris Perfetti
    Chris Perfetti
  • Image David Morse
    David Morse
  • Image Diora Baird
    Diora Baird
  • Image Eddie Marsan
    Eddie Marsan
  • Image Estelle Girard Parks
    Estelle Girard Parks
  • Image Jenna Hellmuth
    Jenna Hellmuth
  • Image Lory Molino
    Lory Molino
  • Image Richard Brake
    Richard Brake
  • Image Ryan Jonze
    Ryan Jonze
  • Image Shay Guthrie
    Shay Guthrie
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