The Voice

1h 20m

Upon arriving at a Catholic boarding school, the boy feels an antipathy to the religious practices the school imposes. However, students and teachers find the boy rather strange and harass him.


  • Image Ante Milković
    Ante Milković
  • Image Barbara Vicković
    Barbara Vicković
  • Image Belma Košutić
    Belma Košutić
  • Image Filip Tomičić
    Filip Tomičić
  • Image Franko Jakovčević
    Franko Jakovčević
  • Image Goran Bogdan
    Goran Bogdan
  • Image Igor Kovač
    Igor Kovač
  • Image Iva Jerković
    Iva Jerković
  • Image Josip Lukić
    Josip Lukić
  • Image Karla Brbić
    Karla Brbić
  • Image Kaya Martinčević
    Kaya Martinčević
  • Image Klara Mucci
    Klara Mucci
  • Image Lara Herceg
    Lara Herceg
  • Image Lovre Trogrlić
    Lovre Trogrlić
  • Image Lucija Matić
    Lucija Matić
  • Image Luka Ćevid
    Luka Ćevid
  • Image Marija Karoglan
    Marija Karoglan
  • Image Mia Petričević
    Mia Petričević
  • Image Nikola Obradović
    Nikola Obradović
  • Image Nina Crnčević
    Nina Crnčević
  • Image Petar Cakić
    Petar Cakić
  • Image Petra Krolo
    Petra Krolo
  • Image Šime Šitum
    Šime Šitum
  • Image Stipe Radoja
    Stipe Radoja
  • Image Vedran Bošnjak
    Vedran Bošnjak
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