The White Massai Warrior

1h 23m

For the first time in history, a white man has been invited to become a Massai Warrior. The Massai of East Africa are one of the last tribes on earth to live as they did hundreds of years ago. Benjamin will live among the tribe, sleeping, hunting, and surviving in the bush. He will get to know their culture, their customs of dancing and playing, and learn how to conquer the dangers of the wilderness. Will he be able to become a true Massai warrior? To become a Massai is a great journey into the unknown.


  • Image Christoph Siegwart
    Christoph Siegwart
  • Image Timo Joh. Mayer
    Timo Joh. Mayer
  • Image Vasili Mikaelidis
    Vasili Mikaelidis