The Windermere Children

1h 28m
  • The Windermere Children
  • 27-01-2020
  • Drama, War
  • Michael Samuels
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The story of the pioneering project to rehabilitate child survivors of the Holocaust on the shores of Lake Windermere.


  • Image Ali White
    Ali White
  • Image Alicia Pokladecka
    Alicia Pokladecka
  • Image Anna Maciejewska
    Anna Maciejewska
  • Image Anna Schumacher
    Anna Schumacher
  • Image Arek Hersh
    Arek Hersh
  • Image B.J. Hogg
    B.J. Hogg
  • Image Ben Helfgott
    Ben Helfgott
  • Image Cal O'Driscoll
    Cal O'Driscoll
  • Image Chaim Olmer
    Chaim Olmer
  • Image Colm McCready
    Colm McCready
  • Image Iain Glen
    Iain Glen
  • Image Icek Alterman
    Icek Alterman
  • Image India Angerman
    India Angerman
  • Image Jakub Jankiewicz
    Jakub Jankiewicz
  • Image Jonathan Cameron
    Jonathan Cameron
  • Image Konstantin Frank
    Konstantin Frank
  • Image Lukasz Zieba
    Lukasz Zieba
  • Image Marcel Sabat
    Marcel Sabat
  • Image Marek Wroblewski
    Marek Wroblewski
  • Image Pascal Fischer
    Pascal Fischer
  • Image Philipp Christopher
    Philipp Christopher
  • Image Romola Garai
    Romola Garai
  • Image Schmuel Lasker
    Schmuel Lasker
  • Image Tara Cush
    Tara Cush
  • Image Thomas Finnegan
    Thomas Finnegan
  • Image Thomas Kretschmann
    Thomas Kretschmann
  • Image Tim McInnerny
    Tim McInnerny
  • Image Tomasz Studzinski
    Tomasz Studzinski
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