Image The Wire

The Wire


Told from the points of view of both the Baltimore homicide and narcotics detectives and their targets, the series captures a universe in which the national war on drugs has become a permanent, self-sustaining bureaucracy, and distinctions between good and evil are routinely obliterated.

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  • Image Andre Royo
    Andre Royo
  • Image Clarke Peters
    Clarke Peters
  • Image Corey Parker Robinson
    Corey Parker Robinson
  • Image Deirdre Lovejoy
    Deirdre Lovejoy
  • Image Domenick Lombardozzi
    Domenick Lombardozzi
  • Image Dominic West
    Dominic West
  • Image Frankie Faison
    Frankie Faison
  • Image Hassan Johnson
    Hassan Johnson
  • Image Isiah Whitlock Jr.
    Isiah Whitlock Jr.
  • Image J.D. Williams
    J.D. Williams
  • Image John Doman
    John Doman
  • Image Lance Reddick
    Lance Reddick
  • Image Michael Kenneth Williams
    Michael Kenneth Williams
  • Image Michael Kostroff
    Michael Kostroff
  • Image Seth Gilliam
    Seth Gilliam
  • Image Sonja Sohn
    Sonja Sohn
  • Image Tray Chaney
    Tray Chaney
  • Image Wendell Pierce
    Wendell Pierce
  • Image Wood Harris
    Wood Harris
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